Holy City Herald

Agent Spotlight: Thomas Cottingham

Hometown: Mount Sinai, Long Island New York

Charleston Resident Since: Not soon enough

Career Background: 21 year Career in Law Enforcement

Real Estate Alter Ego: Sherlock “Homes” – I will investigate your real estate options and take the mystery out of the transaction.

When not working, can usually be found: Spending time with my wife Sue and our two beautiful “daw-tahs” (the girls in the office make fun of me). I just try to soak up every minute of the wonderful lifestyle that Charleston offers – from the friendly people I’ve met, many of whom have also moved down from the Northeast, to the incredible restaurants, events and various social opportunities. I have to say, life is good in Charleston….which is why you should “follow me!” http://www.followmetocharleston.com/

Favorite Sunday Activity: Being on the water with the family or playing golf. Typical “Sunday Funday” activities.

Favorite Charleston Neighborhoods: I’m partial to “Mt. Perfect”: Dunes West, Rivertowne, Hibben, Belle Hall, and I’On.

Favorite Charleston Restaurant: Pearlz, just love a good seafood restaurant, especially one with a fun atmosphere and great Happy Hour specials!

Why I became an agent: My family is so much better off after making the transition to Charleston – the sunshine, the weather, the friendly people, you name it! I want to be able to facilitate helping others make that transition from North to South. It’s not as difficult as people think. I just don’t want to see my friends, loved ones, and former colleagues settle because of the unknown. I know where they come from, I speak their language, and my goal is to simply share what I’ve learned through the process of selling there, buying in Charleston and making the move. I want to help them realize their dreams for their families. That is rewarding.

Why I chose Hayden Jennings Properties: I hired Hayden as my Realtor to represent me when I purchased a home in Charleston because he was attentive, knowledgeable, experienced, responsive, and honest. Our Brokerage specializes in representing people in transition – whether from North to South or neighborhood to neighborhood within Charleston. I never doubted for a moment that he had my family’s best interest at heart. Everyone on our Broker Team is helpful, kind-hearted, and good. Most are former clients of the Owners – speaks volumes doesn’t it? Couldn’t find anything that didn’t fit my checklist there.

Best advice I can give: Don’t wait! Don’t hesitate! Follow me to Charleston! And thank me later.