HOA Management

Let Us Supervise Your Home Owner Association

Serving on the board of several HOAs, Hayden understands the intricacies of working with an association to prepare budgets, maintain properties and seek out ways to save money and control costs wherever possible. We have an experienced team specifically focused on HOA management. As directed by the board, we will oversee the following:

  • +  Maintain up-to-date owner contact information
  • +  Inspect landscaping
  • +  Prepare annual budget
  • +  Arrange all meetings required by the Board, including the Annual Meeting
  • +  Review insurance, pool, landscape and gate repair contracts annually, bidding as needed
  • +  Collect dues
  • +  Assist in preparing annual nonprofit tax returns
  • +  Send updates, including the account balance, as often as the board requires
  • +  Work with the board to supervise and coordinate repair projects
  • +  Gather and keep on file all rental leases
  • +  Keep all HO-6 insurance information on file
  • +  Promptly follow up with any owner inquiries
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"What I appreciate most about Hayden Jennings Properties is that I know they are going to be honest with me. I trust their opinion, I trust them to tell me what they thinks, I trust their expertise, and I know they’ll do their homework and take care of me."
- Marjorie Avent