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HJP Pro Tips for Summer Selling

You know what’s hotter than the weather these days? The MARKET! And summer is a great time to buy because families have vacation time to dedicate to moving, meaning it is also a good time to sell. Use the season to your advantage when staging your home and play up summer-related features and areas. Here are a few of our expert tips for summah sellin’ below:



1. Landscape Like There’s No Tomorrow

Keep your lawn green and well-watered. Add color with pots and containers of seasonal flowers around the front door and on the deck or patio, using the “odd numbers” rule (display containers in groups of 1, 3 or 5). Maintain a healthy yard with cut grass and weed-free flower beds.

2. Give Your Porch Some Love

Spend extra time cleaning, repairing and refreshing your patio, deck or porch. Power wash or repaint the exterior of your home and garage, repair windows, shutters and siding. Clean walkways. If you don’t currently have an outdoor living space, create one with a few chairs, a table and some all-weather pillows.  Even a hammock with some new pillows will give potential buyers something to dream about…

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3. Make Your Pool a Star

Have a pool? Then why are you moving? Kidding, but for those lucky ducks, make your pool the central focus. Remove all floats or toys, keep the water clean and high, and style the surrounding area with just enough furniture to suggest a fabulous, maintenance lifestyle.  Think of creating a few designated areas, such as lounging and dining.

4. Blast that AC

You know that feeling when you’re melting from the SC heat, walk into an air conditioned store and want to cry tears of happiness? Evoke that appreciation by keeping your home extra cool during showings. People won’t likely be inside long enough to get cold, so offering a strong blast to combat the heat will earn you some brownie points and make for happy buyers.



5. Be the Host with the Most

Take that extra step and leave a pitcher of lemonade or a few water bottles out for potential buyers to enjoy while viewing your home. In addition to showing that you’re a thoughtful, tentative home-owner, it could encourage them to stay a little longer, discovering all the fabulous details your home has to offer.