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What to Plant Today for a Summer Garden

Not all sellers have the luxury of time when it comes to putting their home on the market, but if you know you plan to list your house this summer, start preparing now. And with the current weather, what’s a more fun way to get ready to sell than to roll up the sleeves for a little gardening? Here are a few tips to get your garden growing!

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Go for the Pot

Consider planting bulbs in containers and pots. You will be able to move them around from sun to shade as needed, use them around your front door and outdoor living areas during showings and, of course, you get to take your masterpieces with you to your new home!


Just Add Water

Like, a lot. Summer bulbs typically require ample water immediately after planting, so tend your garden regularly and move your containers around when it rains. Just research each flower individually as their needs differ from flower to flower, so planting flowers with similar needs in a single container will help streamline maintenance.


Go Big to Go Home

In addition to a colorful, sweet-smelling deck or patio, fresh-cut flowers inside will brighten your home and give you an added edge to potential buyers. With this in mind, plant a few taller flowers that you will be able to cut, such as lilies, calla lilies, and canna lilies.

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Inspect the Bulb

Choose quality bulbs, picking one that are firm and unbruised. The same way that better ingredients lead to a better meal, top quality bulbs handpicked to perfection will yield better, fuller flowers.